Traveling Europe Between the World Wars by Jeffrey N. Dupée

JEFFREY N. DUPÉE, profes- sor of history, authored a book titled Traveling Europe Between the World Wars, published this year by The University Press of America. The book is a study of “armchair” travel writers who journeyed to Europe during the interwar period of 1919–1939. It covers a range of authors who viewed the continent principally through two contrasting perspectives. One focused on the political and social upheavals of the age through travel encounters with “ordinary” Europeans. The other reveled in the legendary, idyllic Europe of nostalgic locales and images. They traveled in an era when post-World War I traumas,

the Great Depression, and the sudden rise of fascist and communist ideologies wracked the continent, generating mounting fears that another world war was inevitable. The study focuses on how writers constructed their perspectives by recounting observations and conversations experienced on trains, along roadsides, or in cafés, homes, and inns as they sought the real Europe stripped of press reports and government propaganda. What they found was a continent in transition—where a cherished past collided with an ominous future.

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