iTuesdays Spur Teaching Innovation

iPhone, iPod, iPad, iLife—what’s next? iTuesday, which stands for Innovation Tuesdays, a new program created to empower La Sierra faculty and staff to integrate new technologies into their class- rooms and teaching methodologies.

“Technology is a tool, a vehicle, to give someone a way to communicate,” says Doug Hermmann, Ed.D., current chair of the iTuesday program and an associate professor in the School of Education. “The goal is to share ideas with each other that create a climate of growth and innovation in our work.”

What was defined as technology and innovation in years past, such as PowerPoint or the internet, are things that today’s students take for granted. According to the Beloit College Mindset List for the class of 2014, (who were born in 1992), “e-mail is just too slow.” Therefore, the question becomes how do educators embrace new technologies such as social media, cell phones, and tablets to further our students’ learning?

Hermmann points out that educators have spent much of the last decade trying to find ways to keep students away from their cellphones while in the classroom. Today, they are trying to find ways to use those cell phones to improve teaching and engage students. A simple yet effective way to do so is to use cell phones as a live polling device. With a few clicks on the internet, a professor today can set up a “live survey” and see what students think about a certain topic while they are discussing it in class, with students texting their answers to a designated phone number.

Elvin Rodriguez, Ed.D., professor of music and La Sierra’s director of keyboard studies and music technology, is incorporating technology into his classroom through what is called “student generated content”(SGC). With SGC, students must teach the materials back to the class through some kind of technology.

Author: La Sierra

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