Film Students Walk the Red Carpet at Primetime Emmys

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It was a dream come true for two La Sierra University film and television students to walk the red carpet with movie industry stars.

On August 25, Darren Thomas and Kelanie Aragon joined Film and Television Production department chair Rodney Vance in a coveted trip to the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Vance, who was invited because he holds voting membership in the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, regularly attends television academy events.

“By sitting in an audience full of people just like themselves, they can viscerally experience the reality that they can, in fact, become professional storytellers,” says Vance. “Of course the fun of dressing up and actually walking the red carpet like all the stars adds a touch of glamour and fun as well,” he added.

“Going to the Emmys, for me, was an opportunity to possibly see a glimpse of my future working as a writer for television,” said Thomas, who is a senior in the film program. “It’s a blessing and a pleasure to be able to sit among the people I admire and hope to work with one day.”

Aragon, a native of São Paulo, Brazil, is a junior who aims to become a cinematographer. She tweeted photos and comments before, during, and after the event, which were re-posted on La Sierra’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. “To have the opportunity to attend the Emmys means so much,” said Aragon. “It’s a way to connect with the film business and to appreciate the power of stories and the connections we make with them.”

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